Mass Violence and Terrorism Victimization: What We Know from Research- and Practice-Based Evidence

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Center for Victim Research (CVR)
The Center for Victim Research is assessing the state of the field in victim response specific crime types. This synthesis compiles research and practice evidence about mass violence and terrorism victimization. The report discusses differing definitions of mass violence and terrorism, including mass casualty events that typically are not included in this research (i.e. hate crimes, gang violence, gun violence in cities). This crime is unique for the large number of victims ("injured victims, families of deceased victims, representatives of minor or incapacitated victims, and individuals who were “present but not injured,” as well as first and secondary responders") and the lack of clear risk factors for becoming victimized. Harms include traumatic injuries and psychological harms and Psychological First Aid is commonly recommended as a an early intervention and cognitive behavioral or exposure therapy have shown to help victims. This report also discusses how communities can plan ahead of time to coordinate responses to potential mass violence events. (CVRL Abstract)
Synthesis, Mass Violence, Mass Shootings, Mass Casualties, Mass Murder, Public Shootings, Terrorism, Fatalities, Violent Death, Firearm Violence, Gun Violence, Intentional Injury, Covictims, Co-victimization, Crisis Intervention, Multidisciplinary Teams, Rapid Response, Community Violence, Community Trauma, Harms, Victimization, Grief, Secondary Victimization, Consequences, Risk Factors, Victims
Tiry, Emily; Langness, Melanie; Okeke, Cameryn. (2020). Mass Violence and Terrorism Victimization: What We Know from Research- and Practice-Based Evidence. Research Syntheses, Center for Victim Research, 34 pgs.