SAC Publication Digest XXXVIII

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Justice Information Resource Network
The Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA) is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of nonpartisan research and analysis to inform criminal and juvenile justice decision making. We are comprised of a network of researchers and practitioners throughout government, academia, and the justice community. At the core of this network are state Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs), which are units or agencies at the state level that use information from all components of the criminal justice system to conduct objective analyses informing policy and practice at the state and local levels. While most SACs are housed within their State Administering Agency (SAA), the location of SAAs varies from state to state. Of the SACs located outside of government agencies, all but one are located within academic institutions. The remaining SAC is a registered non-profit public benefit corporation. The SAC Publication Digest is a comprehensive collection of abstracts of state Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) reports, including reports produced for the SACs by outside authors or organizations. The Digest briefly describes the publications published by each SAC during this period and covers a wide array of justice topics and analysis approaches not available from any other source. The Digest is a resource for anyone concerned with understanding the current major justice issues as well as the administration of justice in the states.