Financial Assistance for Illinois Victims: Crime Victim Compensation Fund

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Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA)
Crime victim compensation (CVC) fund programs are available in all 50 states to financially assist victims of violent crime. The following article summarizes the purpose of crime victim compensation, victim-centered principles in CVC programs, and the criteria for CVC in Illinois. Researchers identified data on CVC awareness and applications in Illinois to explore how these data compare with reported crime trends and victim characteristics. Results suggest that many victims, including family members of homicide victims, are potentially eligible but do not receive CVC. Implications for how to adapt CVC programs to be victim-centered and improve access to CVC funds are discussed. (Author Abstract)
Data Analysis, Victim Services, Financial Assistance, Compensation, Compensable Expenses, Monetary Support, Resource Needs, Organizational Support, Institutions, Criminal Justice, Systematic Barriers, Family, Violent Victimization, Violent Crime, Interpersonal Violence, Crime Reporting, Barriers to Service, Police, Law Enforcement, Funding, Gaps in Service, Victim Input, Victim Needs, Eligibility, Fund Distribution, Underreported, Cooperation, Psychogical Burdens, Case Manager, System Navigator, Victim Advocates, Underserved Populations, Homicide Survivors, Covictims, Covictimization, Co-victims, Co-victimization, Loved Ones, Public Awareness, Accessibility
Kirkner, Anne; Houston-Kolnik, Jaclyn. (2019). Financial Assistance for Illinois Victims: Crime Victim Compensation Fund. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, 15 pgs.