2022 Victim service planning research report

The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) created the Victim Services Planning Committee (VSPC) to recommend Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) priority funding areas, a VAWA funding requirement. To better coordinate federal funding for victim services in Illinois, ICJIA also uses the VSPC’s recommendations to guide the administration of Victim of Crime Act funds. The committee is comprised of representatives from victim service and community-based organizations; child welfare, public health, and criminal justice stakeholders, such as law enforcement and prosecutors; and ICJIA Board members. ICJIA convened two virtual, public meetings with members of the VSPC to consider and discuss priority areas for the 2022-2025 victim service funding cycle. The VSPC met in January 2022 and March 2022. During the second VSPC meeting, members voted unanimously to approve the proposed 2022 victim service priority funding areas. The ICJIA Board approved the priority areas in Spring 2023. These priorities will inform future grantmaking to address victim service needs and gaps in Illinois for the next several years. [Author Abstract]
SAC, Statistical Analysis Center, Illinois
Vasquez, A.L., Gonzalez, L.F., Nguyen, S., Schaffner, C., Hiselman, J., Smith, E., Hailey, S., & Reichgelt, R. (2023) 2022 Victim service planning research report. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. https://researchhub.icjia-api.cloud/uploads/2022%20Victim%20Service%20Planning%20Research%20Report%20-230817T20035755.pdf