Evaluability Assessment

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Center for Victim Research (CVR)
This Center for Victim Research (CVR) publication provides an introduction to evaluability assessment, which involves gathering information to "clarify a program's objectives, resources, activities; determine whom the program reaches and how; assess or build its research capacity; and pinpoint areas for improvement before an evaluation takes place." Evaluability assessments are an early stage of a program evaluation and may also be referred to as formative evaluations. This document summarizes the activities commonly involved in such an assessment. See also other CVR Quick References on Program Evaluation, Process Evaluation, Outcome Evaluations, Gap Analysis, and Gap Analysis Planning Sheet. (CVRL Abstract)
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Training for Service Providers, Program Evaluation, Research Into Practice, Evaluability Assessment, Organizational Planning, Organizational Readiness, Victim Services, Non-profit, Nonprofit, Workplace Policies, Administrative Data, Clients, Gaps in Service, Staff, Agency Records, Record-keeping, Data Collection, Data Management, Quality Assurance, Data Quality
Bastomski, Sara. (2020). Evaluability Assessment. Center for Victim Research, 2 pgs.