Criminal Justice System Utilization in Rural Areas

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Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA)
Criminal justice systems operating in rural areas have been overlooked and under-researched, creating an emphasis on urban criminal justice system knowledge and recommendations. In addition, many rural areas have fewer social and behavioral health services, longer travel distances for service appointments and corresponding transportation issues, a small pool of criminal justice practitioners, and outdated technology and infrastructure. Researchers explored literature on rural crime and criminal justice systems in Illinois and nationally and examined state data trends. Findings indicate Illinois’ rural counties utilized the justice system more than urban counties, with higher rates of drug arrests, criminal court cases filed, probation caseloads, and prison admissions and exits. (Author Abstract)
Literature Review, Criminal Justice System, Rural, Arrests, Courts, Law Enforcement, Police, Probation, Prisons, Reentry, Drug Crime, Barriers to Service, Barriers to Reporting, Shame, Privacy, Mental Health Treatment, Resource Needs, Transportation, Stigma
Weisner, Lauren; Otto, H. Douglas; Adams, Sharyn; Reichert, Jessica. (2020). Criminal Justice System Utilization in Rural Areas. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, 17 pgs.