Statewide Evaluation of Domestic Violence Courts: 2008 Court Survey

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Center for Court Innovation
47 items across 9 domains in initial survey. 11 supplemental questions in survey supplement. The 11-item survey supplement was created in response to unanswered questions generated by the initial survey. Therefore, questions from the supplement should be integrated within the original survey when used in the future. Insofar as program coordinators may provide inaccurate information about their programs' own policies and practices, absent the capacity to ask clarifying follow-up questions via site visits or phone interviews, the policy survey is not a perfect method of obtaining accurate policy details. The instrument was used to gain policy and practice information concerning all New York State criminal domestic violence courts. In turn, the coding of policies and practices was used in multi-level modeling to determine what types of domestic violence courts produced greater and lesser effect sizes. (Author Abstract)
survey, survey instrument, survey tool, policy analysis, policy evaluation, evaluating policy, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, domestic violence court, specialty courts, program evaluation, violence against women, responding to domestic violence, service providers, service assessment, courts
Cissner, A., Labriola, M., & Rempel, M. (2013). Testing the effects of New York’s domestic violence courts. [Instrument]. New York, NY: Center for Court Innovation.