Gender differences in intimate partner violence service use

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Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
A review of intimate partner violence (IPV) literature found that few studies focus on male IPV victimization, but findings point toward similar rates for males and females. An article reviewing IPV prevalence in various countries concluded that 19.3% of males and 23.1% of females had been physically assaulted by an intimate partner. A British study found that while females were more likely to have experienced some form of partner abuse at age 16 or older (19.9%), 9.6% of males also had reported this type of abuse. Furthermore, a national survey investigating victimization estimated that 26% of males in Illinois will be victims of intimate partner violence or stalking during their lifetimes; the percentage for females was higher at 42%. Research also indicates that females perpetrate IPV. Authors of an article on prior studies of IPV in heterosexual relationships found 28.3% of females and 21.6% of males reported perpetrating physical violence in an intimate partnership. In addition, some studies have found the majority of IPV to be bidirectional in nature, with the lines between victim and perpetrator blurred in a relationship. While study methodologies, scope, and estimates may differ, research shows that males are IPV victims and that females perpetrate IPV. Despite the similarities in victimization rates, males are less likely to seek services from a domestic violence provider. Research showed male IPV victims were less likely than female victims to use formal services and were more likely to describe informal support as helpful. However, we know little about how IPV victim service receipt and victimization characteristics differ by gender. [Author Abstract]
SAC, Statistical Analysis Center, Illinois, Domestic Abuse, IPV
Schaffner, C., Vasquez, A.L., & Kirkner, A. (2023). Gender differences in intimate partner violence service use. Illinoi Criminal Justice Information Authority.