Mass Violence and Terrorism (MVT): Synthesizing Research and Practice Evidence from the Field [Slides]

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Center for Victim Research (CVR)
The Center for Victim Research (CVR) is assessing the state of the field in victim response specific crime types and creating research syntheses. These webinar slides provide an overview of the syntheses on the research and practice evidence about mass violence and terrorism. This synthesis defines acts of mass violence and terrorism (MVT) as "intentional, high-profile acts of violence that victimize four or more people on U.S. soil and require the marshalling of extra-municipal resources." This synthesis does not include bioterrorism, cyber crime, natural disasters, gang violence, domestic violence, ecoterrorism, or international terrorism. The researcher presenters share different estimates on the number of MVT events in a year and numbers of victims. They also mention gaps in victimization estimates as victims as "prevalence research focuses on victims who were physical injured or killed in attacks." The webinar identifies a potential risk factor as "attending a mass gathering" in public places and the association between income inequality and gun availability with mass shootings. The presenters discuss the physical, mental, communal, and economic harms of MVT attacks. Two harms unique to MVT events are the repeated coverage by the media and the overwhelming nature of the events impacting first responders. The practitioner presenter discusses how communities can foster partnerships and plan for MVT events before they happen, to improve response and recovery with protocols, integrated crisis plans, and increased service capacity. (CVRL Abstract)
Synthesis, Mass Atrocities, Mass Murder, Mass Violence, Terrorism, Mass Shootings, Mass Casualties, Mass Killings, Public Shootings, Public Safety, Violent Victimization, Secondary Victimization, Vicarious Trauma, Gaps in Research, Multidisciplinary Teams, Interagency Collaboration, Crisis Intervention, First Responders
Langness, Melanie; Tiry, Emily. (2020). Mass Violence and Terrorism (MVT): Synthesizing Research and Practice Evidence from the Field [Slides]. Center for Victim Rrsearch, 46 slides.