Losing a Loved One to Homicide: What Do We Know From Research and Practice [Webinar Slides]

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Center for Victim Research (CVR)
Center for Victim Research is assessing the state of the field in victim response specific crime types and creating research syntheses. This webinar provides an overview of the syntheses on the research and practice evidence about homicide co-victimization (people who have lost a loved one to homicide). Topics covered include prevalence of victims, risk and protective factors, harms and consequences, services available (such as grief support groups), and policy, practice, and research implications. Also, presenters followed up with additional resources to answer questions asked during the webinar. See also research brief and full research syntheses, Homicide Co-victimization. (CVRL Abstract)
Synthesis, Homicide Survivors, Murder, Vehicular Homicide, Covictims, Covictimization, Co-victims, Co-victimization, Secondary Traumatic Stress, Secondary Victimization, Revictimization, Psychological Consequences, Physical Trauma, Economic Burden, Social Support, Grieving, Grief, Victim Services, Vulnerable Populations, Gaps in Research, Gaps in Service, Group Counseling, Therapy, Manslaughter, Family, Adolescents
Bastomski, Sara; Duane, Marina; Dion, Jeff. (2018). Losing a Loved One to Homicide: What Do We Know From Research and Practice [Slides]. Webinars, Center for Victim Research, 42 pgs.